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  1. Summer Solstice
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Back Bay Betty original written by Linda Martin and Tim Twombly


Summer Solstice - D

The longest evening of the year
I knew today would bring you here
Em A D A
On this summer solstice, oooh yeah

The sun is setting late and low
Twilight lingers soft and slow
On this summer solstice mmm
There’s magic everywhere you see
And webs of synchronicity
On the summer solstice, ooooh

Venus and Apollo come to play
Looking forward to a special day
On this summer solstice

G Em
The sun’s not going down
G Em
It just wants to hang around
To watch the love surround us

(lead D - G Em - A - D - A x2)

If magic is your circumstance
You know that it is not by chance
On the summer solstice, ooooh yeah

I so love to be with you
Meet me at our rendezvous
Every summer solstice
Every summer solstice